One Network. Limitless  Opportunities

1247 Media enables brands and services to auto-connect customers to high-quality WiFi and deliver targeted proximity engagement messages at popular consumer destinations. At the heart of our solution is the Curated Virtual Network of more than millions of devices that regularly connect to our WiFi access points every month.

We are in the business of creating experiences people love using the idea of one network, hundreds of locations, limitless opportunities to connect and engage. Our Mobile Onboard team encompass a wide and valued set of skills from technical through to marketing while each of them having a dedicated insight to what transport operators and mall management are looking for to make their operations better and customers’ experience more enjoyable. Our Mobile Onboard lab is constantly working to improve our products and services while also keeping feverishly busy in developing new and exciting features.

What do we do?

WiFi For Your Customers

We set up plug and play WiFi hotspot for your customers and make it easy for them to access it via SMS authentication and ad-gate them to lead them to your page for more likes and traction before they access the internet!

Build Your Customer Database

Upon signing up and accessing your WiFi, they are segmented into various customer lists and categories with actionable data such as their contact information, history, and many more!

Bring Them Back

With new information now in hand, we assist you in inviting them back with coupons & promotions catered to your customers using remarketing services along with several cross-marketing exercises to acquire new customers.

Brands that advertise with us

From Automobiles to FMCG to Hospitality, brands are realizing the benefits of advertising in the UAE’s largest public WiFi platform.