One Network. Limitless Opportunities.

Our huge network of freely shared WiFi points offers a powerful complement to cellular connectivity, putting a world of entertainment and information at everybody’s fingertips

Seamless WiFi Login

We welcome you to a connected life in Dubai with the least enrollment barriers. Just log in to the network and you are ready for your one-click WiFi access.

Performance, Reliability & Quality

Whether it’s networks, equipment, services or support, we provide you with technology solutions that not only wow, but also work beautifully.

Network Coverage

Our network contains access points in over 9000 taxis in Dubai. It enables an ecosystem of brands, app owners & merchants to engage with consumers.

Amplify Your Brand’s Voice

Delivering connectivity is just one part of what we do. We provide proximity engagement solutions for brands and service providers using thousands of  WiFi access points that perform as a single and ubiquitous network delivering offers and messages from popular consumer destinations.
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The One Million Club

Millions of devices are connected to our WiFi internet every month. This includes residents, vacationers, business tourists and local professionals.

Business Decision Makers

Business decision makers and influencers who use airport pickups and similar services, keeping in touch through devices throughout.

Fine Diners

Affluent demographics who dine-out at the most popular restaurants in the city having enough disposable income.

Fun-Loving Locals

Ardent mall enthusiasts, locals are sure to catch up at a coffee shop in a mall as a group of friends or can be found shopping along with families.

Jet-Set Leisure Travellers

Affluent, globe-trotting leisure travelers with high-end tastes in fashion, technology and travel experiences.

Hotel Guests

Business and leisure travellers who check-in at the prominent rated hotels of the city and looking for a similar experience you provide.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

When the weather begins to cool, the city highlights a special demographic of outdoor enthusiast. For the marketer this throws in specific opportunities.

Tech-Savvy Millennials

A demographic made of students and young families traveling to hotels and airports.

Avid Shoppers

Enthusiastic shoppers from several nationalities. The right message at the right place and at the right time is key to converting this exciting demographics into your customers

Cinema Lovers

The city is not complete without taking into account its share of cinema lovers, who happens to be an affluent demographic to target.

Connect. Engage. Get Results.

With the advent of Geo-Targeting and Geo-Fencing customers are more reponsive to push notifications.
Redirection to website or landing URL0%
Made a purchase atleast once after seeing a mobile ad0%
Website Ad Conversions0%