Free WiFi!


Blazing Speed Big Venue Connectivity

Retail Wi-Fi is meant to transform the free Wi-Fi available in malls into useful source of information. RETAIL WIFI is the perfect way of keeping shoppers up-to-date with information which really matters with branding campaigns, loyalty rewards and offers.
The first Retail Wi-Fi network is up and running in World Trade center Abu Dhabi so shops and businesses inside the malls can use the network as an advertising channel, reaching the right audience at the right time.


Onboarding into the free WiFi network is as easy as saying 1,2,3. You can either login using an OTP verification through SMS or you can use the Facebook Login. Once you are registered in our network, the subsequent logins are just a breeze.

Step 1.

Connect to the AbuDhabiConnected Free Wifi Hotspot. Once connected, we will push a login page to your mobile phone. You have two ways to connect with us – verifying your identity through OTP using SMS and authenticating using Facebook Connect. We will walk you through the OTP based login. You can view the other scenarios below.

Step 2.

To authenticate using OTP, click on the button ‘Connect via SMS’ from the interface shown in the previous screen. You will be prompted to enter your mobile number here to request the password.

Step 3.

Once you have requested the password, you will receive an OTP message via sms. Enter this OTP code into the screen to verify.

Step 4.

Video Ad.

The system now will attempt to authenticate you to the AbuDhabiConnected Free WiFi network. While doing so, it will also serve you a video Ad of a brand that is mostly on your route or vicinity.

Step 5.

Desired Website Redirection

While concluding the authentication, you will be redirected to a pre-defined webpage set by the advertiser. Congratulations, you are logged in now! Enjoy unlimited blazing fast access to AbuDhabiConnected Free WiFi service.


The 1247 Media Ad Experience

Reach a captive audience by ad-gating the #1 most requested traveler amenity: free Wi-Fi. Adu Dhabi Connected is Abu Dhabi’s largest Wi-Fi advertising platform. Engage your target audience the minute they open their device to connect to Wi-Fi. Consumers watch your full-screen, high-impact ad in exchange for free Wi-Fi – and your brand gets the credit.
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